Global Mobility


Mobilization is the first and most important process for all our contractors and clients to make them ready to work at the assigned workplace.

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To provide clients with confidence that all our contractors are ready to work, our service includes:

  • Medical check
  • Criminal records check
  • Background check
  • Drug & alcohol check
  • Certificate validation check

To provide our contractors and clients with a quick return to a normal life after arrival, our service includes:

Family Support
  • Local registration
  • Cultural training
  • Language and cross-cultural training
  • Banking assistance
  • Driver's license assistance
  • Educational support
  • Local community introduction
  • Visa and immigration coordination
Housing Support
  • Area orientation
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Home search
  • Furniture rental and leasing
  • Handyman service
  • Maid service


Once the assignment has been completed and our contractors or clients are ready to move back home, special care will be needed, so we provide all the necessary services so they can return home with good memories behind and to avoid unnecessary costs.

To provide our contractors and clients with a quick return to a normal life after arrival, our service includes:

Housing Termination
  • Terminate lease contract
  • Pre-inspection of housing
  • Disconnecting utilities
Other Service
  • ​Closing banking account(s)
  • Deregistering with the authorities
  • Terminate memberships/subscriptions

In-country Service

Meet & Greet

Upon arrival
Whether you're travelling alone or with your family, on a business trip or holiday, we will make sure you are well looked after on your arrival. We will fast-track you through all the airport formalities and take you to the arrivals area to meet family and friends or make your own way from the airport.
Upon departure
Whether you're travelling alone or with your family, on a business trip or holiday, we will make sure that your journey gets off to a smooth start. We will fast-track you through all the airport formalities, help with baggage and provide language assistance if needed.
Our meet & greet service includes ground transportation.


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Finding the right home in the right location is very important for ensuring your relocating people are satisfied with their home life and enabling them to work more effectively in their new role in their new location.

We understand the right home in the right location for your relocating people can be critically related to their successful business performance, so our specialists always consider getting a clear understanding of their personal needs and the business requirements, including budget and policy of your company.

Also to help your people feel at home in their new location, we provide supporting services for inconvenient issues that may happen at their new home during their stay.


When your relocating people are in their new location, there are many details to coordinate to completely settle them into their new home and settling-in can be time consuming and stressful.

​ We offer a settling-in service for your relocating people's smooth transition based on precise needs of each of your people. From our settling-in service, your people and their family may also be connected with social clubs, local library and volunteer organization that may be of interest.

Some of our settling-in service covers:
  • Set up local bank account
  • introduce local doctors and dentists
  • Connection of utilities
  • Vehicle rental and driver's license conversion
  • Registration with local authorities
  • Schooling
  • Shipment of household goods
  • Mobile phone plans
  • Area induction


Every company may have indirect employee, like contract workers, temporary workers, interns, part-timers or retirees, spending limited time but do great work while they are with you.

​ We provide every aspect of payroll administration services, so you can concentrate on your main business.

Your benefits:
  • Reduced administrative time
  • Peace of mind that payroll is being handled conscientiously, according to state and local laws
  • Retained onsite accuracy and cost-control benefits
  • Invoicing accuracy confirmation
  • Significantly improved record-keeping
  • Reduced overhead and paperwork without sacrificing quality
  • Keeps daily employee interactions focused on performance rather than on payroll issues


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Kossco provides our contractors and clients with local tax requirements and changing regulation for them to save time and money. ​Our team of financial and commercial experts are on hand to offer advice to our candidates and clients, even running free workshops to help you understand any changing regulation and the impact it could have on your organization.